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Through the course of a single episode, Chef Ohlinger visits a farm and talks with the owners about their enterprise. He then picks up fresh ingredients that they offer and heads into the kitchen where he prepares a meal without a net. He doesn’t have any recipes planned. As he said in the pilot episode, “This is jazz, we’re making it up as we go!”

While Chef is cooking, a musical guest plays a song. And then, Chef Ohlinger and the artist(s) have a seat and break bread. He talks about how food and music connect us and has a good old-fashioned conversation with great people.


During the first season we visited West Virginia farms in 8 counties highlighting the work they do and their family legacies.


Marion Ohlinger

Marion Ohlinger’s thirty-year career as a chef has carried him to over forty countries, five continents, all fifty states, and to helm kitchens in such diverse locales as Vail, Scottsdale, Seattle, and backcountry Alaska. Chef Marion was selected for the inaugural edition of The Best Chefs in America 2013; voted 4-time Morgantown’s Best Chef, and West Virginia’s Best Chef by WV Living Magazine’s Best of 2015 Readers Poll Awards. 

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