Unique Opportunity

A Unique Opportunity for Brands as the advertising landscape becomes more cluttered than ever, finding effective ways to stand out and reach target audiences is a challenge for brands and media buyers. In this article, we will explore the unique opportunity that sponsoring PBS programming offers to companies looking to build brand awareness and connect with engaged audiences. By aligning your brand with PBS, you can benefit from a clutter-free environment, engage with influential viewers, enhance your corporate image, and ultimately, drive your bottom line.

The Clutter-Free Environment of PBS
One of the key advantages of sponsoring PBS programming is the uncluttered media environment it provides. Unlike traditional networks, PBS has significantly fewer commercial breaks, allowing your brand's message to stand out and make a lasting impact on viewers. PBS only has two 60-second national sponsor pods per program, one at the beginning and one at the end, with each pod limited to a maximum of four non-competing brands. This exclusivity ensures that your brand is not overshadowed by competitors and has a higher chance of being noticed and remembered by viewers. 

Engaging with an Influential Audience


PBS boasts a highly engaged and influential audience, making it an ideal platform for brands looking to connect with their target demographics. With nearly 100 million people nationwide watching their local PBS stations in a typical month, PBS offers a vast reach to decision-makers, affluent consumers, mothers and kids, and community leaders. Whether you are targeting a specific audience segment or aiming for a broad audience with diverse interests, PBS can help you effectively reach your target audience throughout Colorado.

Enhancing Corporate Image and Building Trust
By sponsoring PBS programming, your brand can enhance its corporate image and build trust with consumers. According to a study conducted by KANTAR Media/SGPTV, 67% of PBS.org users agree that their opinion of a company is more positive when they find out it supports PBS. This positive association with PBS, a trusted and respected brand, extends to its corporate sponsors. In fact, 75% of PBS.org visitors agree that companies that sponsor PBS are committed to quality and excellence. By aligning your brand with PBS, you can tap into this existing trust and credibility, which can significantly impact consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions. 

Targeted Messaging


PBS offers a range of tailored sponsorship opportunities to meet the specific needs and objectives of your brand. Whether you prefer targeted on-air messaging or online visibility, PBS can customize a sponsorship package that aligns with your goals.

Targeted On-Air Messaging
Growth Media Productions offers program-specific sponsorships and spot schedules tailored to your target audience and time frame. By strategically placing your brand message during relevant programs, you can effectively engage with your target audience and increase brand awareness.

Sponsoring PBS programming offers a unique opportunity for brands to cut through the clutter and connect with engaged audiences. With its uncluttered media environment, influential viewers, trusted brand, and tailored sponsorship opportunities, PBS provides an effective platform for brands looking to build awareness, enhance their corporate image, and drive their bottom line. Whether you choose targeted on-air messaging or online visibility, partnering with PBS can help you reach your target audience and create a lasting impression. Start reaping the benefits of sponsoring PBS programming. 

Changes in the economy, demographic shifts and the fragmentation of media have all contributed to sponsorship’s growth. Some of the largest factors behind the rise in sponsorships include:

  • Decreasing efficiency of measured media Costs for traditional advertising continue to increase while ratings and readership decline. On top of that is an even more basic problem: Consumers are not paying attention to ads. Sponsorship, on the other hand, provides opportunities for embedded advertising, a fail-safe delivery system where messages are incorporated right into the action.
  • Changing social priorities Buyers are demanding to know where a company stands before they purchase its products. Making the world a more healthy, happy and livable place is prerequisite to achieving consumer affinity. Sponsorship, which aligns companies with community responsibility and improved quality of life, is precisely the kind of statement consumers respond to. When a company sponsors, it is providing something for its customers – not making a media conglomerate richer.
  • High consumer acceptance
    While traditional media is less effective than ever, much of the new media alienates consumers. For example, 75 percent of Americans view phone solicitation as an invasion of privacy. And, 69 percent of consumers who buy or rent movies on video are annoyed by advertising before the film according to a Gallup survey conducted for Advertising Age. On the other hand, public response to sponsorship has been overwhelmingly positive. Sponsorship is viewed favorably because it is seen as a form of marketing that gives something back – something that benefits someone else in addition to the marketer.
  • Viewers Hold Sponsors In High Esteem
    More than two-thirds of viewers believe that companies that sponsor PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence. More than half of viewers believe that companies that sponsor PBS are industry leaders. Companies Recognized As Sponsors Are Perceived As High Quality. Two-thirds of viewers would choose to purchase from a company that sponsors PBS, all other things being equal.

Growth Media Productions is proud to provide programming to public television stations at no cost. This is possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. In exchange for their funding support, sponsors receive valuable marketing avenues for their businesses. Find out more about sponsoring programs here.

People Are Watching!


  • Excellent Ratings PBS averaged a 1.41 primetime household rating during the 2016-17 season, ranking it the #6 broadcast and cable network. (Nielsen NPower, 9/19/2016-9/24/2017)
  • Larger Audience Than You Might Realize; PBS' primetime household audience is significantly larger than many commercial channels, including A&E (the PBS audience is 135% larger), Bravo (126%), TLC (122%), Discovery Channel (70%) and HGTV (39%). (Nielsen NPower, 9/19/2016-9/24/2017)Est hic illo, ipsa, laboriosam magni mollitia nesciunt
  • 68% are investors.
  • 25% have $100k+ of liquid assets
  • 37% own three or more vehicles per househould

Civics and Culture

Community Minded

  • 48% read a newspaper regularly
  • 43% more likely to be a member of a charitable organization
  • 85% consider switching to another brand when negative corporate citizenship practices have occurred
  • 71% vote
  • 58% are more likely to be a member of a local body of government
  • 25% more likely to be an opinion leader
  • 51% more likely to take an active part in local civic issues
  • 37% have attended the symphony, opera, ballet, dance or live theatre
  • 40% read books on a regular basis
  • 28% have traveled domestically via air (at least 3 times) while 25% have traveled abroad.

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