Voices of
The Holocaust

While the current generation may read about World War II in their history books, Voices of the Holocaust brings the devastation of the war to a personal level. Through interviews with survivors of the Holocaust, the series tells a story of fear, loss and tragedy but also of survival and hope. These stories, told by average citizens who witnessed the events first hand, commemorate the strength of the survivors and pay honor to those who did not make it through.

Voices of The Holocaust is now available on Amazon Prime for rent and purchase as well as DVD.


Voices of the Holocaust film trailer.

Voices of The Holocaust

Voices of the Holocaust is an educational documentary.
Teaching viewers about the horror of the Holocaust.
18-80 Male/Female

(This film does have graphic images)
Full length film

"Today, two alarming and sobering trends demand a greater commitment to Holocaust education and confronting Holocaust denial. Holocaust remembrance and education is facing a turning point, one in which those who saw and experienced the indignity and horrors of the Holocaust will no longer be able to interact with students in person, and those coming into the world are likely to encounter more public displays of Holocaust denial and antisemitism on the Internet and elsewhere. How will future generations respond? Will denial increase or be rejected? Will Holocaust indifference take root instead, due to increased trivialization of its historical importance and the emotional difficulty of its subject matter? These answers are unknown, but the responsibility bestowed upon the current generation to honor the memory of the Holocaust is great, and the time to act in its defense is now. "

Scott Darnell, Measuring Holocaust Denial in the United States

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